TSA Enrollment Center for HAZMAT endorsement, Pre✓, and TWIC

TSA Pre✓® allows low-risk travelers to experience expedited, more efficient security screening at participating U.S. airport checkpoints.

HAZMAT endorsement conducts a security threat assesstment for any driver seeking to obtain, renew, or transfer a HME on a state-issued commercial drivers license.

TWIC – Transportation Workers Identification Card is a vital security measure that ensures individuals who pose a threat do not gain unescorted access to secure areas of the nations maritime transportation system.


Step 1
When you choose to begin the process, you will be prompted to select the program in which you would like to enroll.  Select the image for one of the programs HAZMAT, Pre✓, TWIC.  
Step 2
Select/click which process you would like to engage in.

  • Pre-enroll
  • Schedule/manage appointments
  • What documents/ID do I need to bring?
  • Check status
  • Locate an enrollment center
Step 3
To begin the process, click on this link: universalenroll.dhs.gov